Rental System (RS)

The Kargo King Rental System (RS) is a truck mounted roll off system specifically designed and engineered to meet the unique demands of present day rental equipment fleets. Over the past twenty years the number of rental equipment pieces introduced to market has increased dramatically in both volume and complexity. This increase has brought with it numerous challenges related to safe loading and transport of rental equipment. Be it small compaction equipment, scissor lifts or aerial devices, each piece of equipment presents its own potential safety concerns. The Kargo King RS addresses these concerns by design!

1. Safety


2. Center of Gravity

Scissor lifts and other top heavy equipment can pose problems for rental fleet drivers due to the increased center of gravity applied to the truck. No driver enjoys the feeling of a piece of equipment that sways at every turn. Inherent to the Kargo King RS design is a center of gravity 6’’ to 8’’ lower than any typical hook lift or cable system on the market. This unique feature allows the driver to focus on driving rather than his or her load.


3. Beavertail

As the adoption of scissor lifts in the rental market has grown so too has the need to safely load and transport these specialty devices. Low clearances can make it near impossible to load scissor lifts onto transport equipment. The Kargo King RS Rental Deck combats this issue also by design. The understructure of the Rental Deck and the gradual angle of the beavertail allow for easy loading by the operator in just about any weather condition.


4. Ground Level Loading

The Kargo King RS allows operators to lower the deck to ground level so that equipment can be driven (or winched) onto the deck. This eliminates the need for operators to climb or scale a potentially slippery deck to secure a piece of equipment. All rental equipment is secured at ground level with the Kargo King RS with operator safety being the top priority.


5. Lateral Winching

The removable Warn 8,000 lbs. Winch allows the operator to pull rather than lift equipment onto the deck. Competitor systems require the operator to winch equipment onto the deck at an angle which can put strain on the winch. Winches are meant to pull, not lift. The Kargo King RS allows operators to winch laterally, thus improving performance and longevity of the winch.

6. Efficiency

The Kargo King RS is designed not only with the operator in mind but also the fleet manager. The rental fleet manager whom is continuously pushing to improve operational effectiveness quickly recognizes the gain in efficiency afforded by the Kargo King RS.

7. Dock Leveler

More often than not, scissor lifts are delivered to industrial facilities with varying dock heights which would normally force the operator to offload on the ground in uncertain weather and yard traffic conditions. The Kargo King RS is equipped with the Dock Leveler feature that allows the operator to adjust deck height to the appropriate dock level so that scissor lifts can be driven on and off effortlessly.


8. Speed

Every second counts so instead of relying on electric power that limits loading speed, the Kargo King RS relies on a PTO driven hydraulic circuit to optimize loading speed with consideration for operator safety. The Kargo King RS allows the operator to on or offload the deck in 60 seconds with the added benefit of feathering control.


9. Truck Class

The Kargo King RS is purposefully designed for Class 5, 6 or 7 truck applications and is meant to compliment the Class 8 Tandem Axle delivery trucks found in just about every rental fleet. The benefits of transporting rental equipment on Class 5, 6 or 7 trucks are wide ranging…

  • Fuel Savings & Engine Maintenance: order mix and/demand often dictate timing of equipment delivery. Instead of transporting one or two pieces of equipment using a Class 8 Tandem, the rental fleet can send a driver on a quick run with a truck and engine size commensurate with the job
  • Driver Licensing: in most districts, Class 8 drivers require a higher level of licensing which often limits the number of drivers a fleet manager can call upon for a particular delivery. The Kargo King DS mounted on a lighter truck provides managers with the flexibility to interchange drivers thus maximizing his or her labour force
  • Location: city-based deliveries, deliveries in tight corridors or industrial building docks require a unique solution to the problem. The Kargo King RS mounted on Class 5, 6 or 7 chassis allows rental fleets to take on this work that may otherwise require outsourcing.