Water Tank

Contractors often face circumstances, however rare, where a water source is required to complete a task. In the summer, the need for a Landscaper could be as simple as watering flowers or a small patch of grass. In the winter, a contract might dictate that a critical surface spot be treated in advance of a weather event with a salt brine anti icing solution. And year round, there will always be a need for clean up or pressure washing.

Seasonality and limited need are two of the key factors that make the Water Tank an ideal candidate for the Kargo King Detachable System. Instead of dedicating a trailer or heavier slide-in skid mounted water tank for infrequent usage, Kargo King DS users can roll on their water tank on demand.

Specifications (Water Tank Deck):

  • Understructure: Voth Long Sill Design
  • Kargo King Dump & Roll System (max dump angle of approx. 42 degrees)
  • Material: Steel 50W High Tensile, 3/16’’ Floor
  • Standard Features: Extendable Support Legs (allows body rolled on/off while water tank in place) & Front Drop-Down Legs (storage)
  • Loading: Unloaded

Options: Linex

Body Length: (KK Subframe Length): 11’6’’ (11’), 12’6’’ (12.5’), 14’ (14’)

Specifications (Water Tank):

  • Material: Poly w/ Steel Straps
  • Standard Features: Water Pump, Baffles, Hose Storage Rack

Options: Size, Drive (Gas or Hyd), Spray Bar (anti-icing), Hose Reel

*water tank size dependent on truck specification


  • Landscaper
  • Construction
  • Municipal
  • Utility