Flat Deck

The detachable Flat Deck is utilized in the most basic contractor applications including material and equipment transport and delivery. It could be a Landscaper who wishes to on/offload lawnmowers at ground level or a Construction Contractor who wishes to deliver skids of supplies to the next jobsite. There is a vast range or work that can completed with the inclusion of a Flat Deck.

The Voth Flat Decks manufactured for the Kargo King DS are equipped with standard features that are often omitted on other detachable systems. Most notable is the Beavertail that low approach when on-loading equipment with low clearances such as a lawnmower or a Zamboni. Voth Flat Deck also come with standard features such as rubrails, stake pockets, multiple tie-downs and chain holders to assist with various positioning of equipment during transport.


  • Understructure: Voth Long Sill Design
  • Kargo King Dump & Roll System (max dump angle of approx. 42 degrees)
  • Material
    • Steel: 50W High Tensile, 3/16’’ Floor, 12g (outer), 10g (inner) Double Wall
    • Aluminum: Marine Quality H32, 1/4’’ Floor, 3/16’’ Wall
  • Rubrails: Both Sides
  • Stake Pockets: Outside
  • Headboard: Full Cab Protection
  • Standard Features: Multiple Tie-Downs, Chain Holders, Beavertail (low approach)

Options: Front Racking, Rear Racking, Removable Sides

Body Length: (KK Subframe Length): 12’ (11’), 14’ (12.5’), 16’ (14’)