Conventional Dump Body

Critical to every contractor or municipal fleet is the Conventional Dump Body. If the job calls for mulch, soil or aggregate transport/delivery, the Conventional Dump Body is the solution.

The distinguishing factor between Conventional Dump Bodies offered with the Kargo King DS and those offered by the competition is the special relationship between Kargo King and Voth Truck Body Manufacturing; both are divisions under parent company Drive Products. Voth is Canada’s leading manufacturer of steel, aluminum and hybrid permanent mount dump bodies with over 15 years of experience. Now these same Voth unibody-designed Dump Bodies are available to Kargo King DS users in detachable form.


  • Understructure: Voth Unibody Design with Kargo King Subframe
  • Kargo King Telescopic Cylinder (max. dump angle of approx. 52 degrees)
  • Material
    • Steel: 50W High Tensile, 3/16’’ Floor, 12g (outer), 10g (inner) Double Wall
    • Aluminum: Marine Quality H32, 1/4’’ Floor, 3/16’’ Wall
    • Hybrid (Steel w/ Aluminum Sides)
  • Sides: Solid or Fold Down
  • Tailgate: Two-Way or Barn Door
  • Tarp System: Manual (standard)

Options: Coal chute

Body Length (KK Subframe Length): 11’9’’ (11’), 12’9’’ (12.5’), 13’9’’ (14’)