Chipper Body or Removable Chipper Hood

From yard brush to tree stumps to wood chips and firewood, Tree Service/Arborists must dispose of a variety of waste that results from residential and commercial clean up jobs. The Chipper Body is the staple truck body for the application.

The Chipper Body, made of all marine grade aluminum (3/16’’), sets the industry bar. Voth, with the understanding that every pound counts toward payload, manufacturers a one-piece Chipper Body in aluminum only – by choice. Aluminum is better suited for the application not only because it’s a lighter material but also because it is highly resistant to tree residue such as saps and syrups. In certain applications Kargo King DS users can create additional efficiencies by leaving the Voth Chipper Body at the job site while deploying the Kargo King equipped truck elsewhere.


  • Understructure: Voth Long Sill Design or Voth Unibody Design with Kargo King Subframe
  • Kargo King Dump & Roll System (max dump angle of approx. 42 degrees) or Kargo King Telescopic Cylinder (max. dump angle of approx. 52 degrees)
  • Material: Aluminum: Marine Quality H32, 1/4’’ Floor, 3/16’’ Wall
  • Sides: 66’’ Solid
  • Tailgate: Barn Door

Options: Pruning Compartment, 36’’ Side Door, Additional Storage

Body Length: (KK Subframe Length): 11’6’’ (11’), 12’6’’ (12.5’), 14’ (14’)

Body Length if additional dump angle required: (KK Subframe Length): 11’9’’ (11’), 12’9’’ (12.5’), 13’9 (14’)

The Removable Chipper Hood is an attractive alternative for municipalities or tree Service/arborists that require even more versatility. The Voth Removable Chipper Hood (aluminum) can be paired with a steel or aluminum Voth Dump or Voth Landscape Body, eliminating the need for two independent bodies. The added benefit of a Landscape Body (steel) in combination with the Removable Chipper Hood is the ability to load & unload power equipment such as mowers, stumpers, skid steers and mini excavators.


  • Material: Aluminum: Marine Quality H32, 1/4’’ Floor, 3/16’’ Wall
  • Removal Method: Lifting Rings for easy Crane or Forklift removal

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