Salt/Sand Spreader

If you’re a Landscape Contractor responsible for de-icing properties, a municipality with parks & recreation or roads departmental responsibilities or a business with a yard that you’ve decided to maintain with your existing trucks then the Kargo King Salt/Sand Spreader detachable body is the solution for your season application.

Kargo King DS users gain two distinct advantages by opting for a detachable Salt/Sand Spreader. First, a gain where it matters most – payload. The Salt/Sand Spreader is mounted on a basic Kargo King detachable Accessory Deck which is significantly lighter than a Dump Body. The weight saved can be transferred into greater material carrying capacity. Second, the salt spillage that’s inevitable with loading does not sit and rot away in the Dump Body, resulting in prolonged equipment life. As a value add, Drive Products Engineering Team can be consulted to determine optimal Salt/Sand Spreader for truck configuration (truck class, wheelbase etc)

Specifications (Spreader Deck):

  • Understructure: Voth Long Sill Design
  • Kargo King Dump & Roll System (max dump angle of approx. 42 degrees)
  • Material: 50W High Tensile Steel, 3/16’’ Floor
  • Standard Features: Extendable Support Legs (allows body rolled on/off while sander in place) & Front Drop-Down Legs (storage)
  • Loading: Unloaded

Options: Linex

Body Length: (KK Subframe Length): 11’6’’ (11’), 12’6’’ (12.5’), 14’ (14’)

Spreader Options: Western Striker, Fisher Steelcaster, Swenson MDV, Swenson Polyhawk (Electric or Hydraulic)*

*spreader size dependent on truck specification