The detachable Curtainsider Van Body will do the same jobs as a Van Body but with the added benefit of allowing for side loading of material lengths of up to 14’. If the rear roll-up is too restrictive for loading, the Curtainsider is great alternative.

Similar to the Van Body, the Curtainsider sits almost flush with the truck frame which means it actually sits 6’’-8’’ higher than a traditional hooklift or cable hoist providing users with an obvious C.O.G. advantage. Product can be safely on/off loaded at ground level as opposed to having to carry awkward items up steep, potentially slippery, ramps. The Curtainsider also provides fleet owners with the ability project their brand with custom decaling options.

Specifications (Voth HD Subframe):

  • Understructure: Voth Long Sill Design
  • Dump: Kargo King Dump & Roll System (max dump angle of approx. 42 degrees)
  • Material: Steel (smooth or checkerplate): 50W High Tensile, 3/16’’ Floor

Option: Beavertail (low approach)

Body Length: (KK Subframe Length): 12’ (11’), 14’ (12.5’), 17’ (14’)

Specifications (Van Body):

  • Side Walls: Aluminum Extrusion Construction
  • Roof: Aluminum Panel
  • Standard Features: Curtain w/ Straps & Tensioning Device, Plywood Lined w/ 2 rows of E-trac on both Sides and Front, Floor Tie-Downs (recessed), Roll Up Door

Option: Decaling (company colours available)