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Detachable System (DS)

Kargo King Detachable System (DS)

The Kargo King Detachable System allows business owners and fleet managers to think and act differently! This one-of-a kind truck mounted roll off system was designed with the idea that contractors often need their trucks for more than one job type. By permanently mounting a truck body onto truck chassis’, business owners tie up valuable working capital when these same truck bodies can be interchanged at a fraction of the overall cost. The Kargo King DS is the comprehensive solution for business owners and fleet managers who wish to reduce capital expenditures (truck purchases) and decrease expenses (maintenance, insurance and fuel) related to their truck fleet.


Why is the Kargo King DS unique?


Center of Gravity

Inherent to the Kargo King design is a center of gravity 6’’ to 8’’ lower than the typical hooklift or cable hoist systems found on the market. What is most remarkable for those first introduced to the Kargo King Detachable System is that it’s near impossible to tell with the naked eye that a Kargo King equipped truck is a detachable system because the truck body sits almost flush with the truck frame. Center of gravity is important to business owners and fleet managers alike, primarily for safety reasons but also for the aerodynamic advantages afforded.

Safety: As a general rule, a load secured lower to the ground and/or truck frame is a more stable load. Whether transporting aggregate, salt, water, rubbish or equipment, no operator enjoys the feeling of driving with a seemingly uncertain load.

Aerodynamics : by nature, a truck body that sits 6’’ to 8’’ lower on the truck frame encounters 6’’to 8’’ less wind resistance while in-transit. A Kargo King DS equipped truck with an equivalent truck body to that of the competition ultimately consumes less fuel over the life of the truck.

Distribution of Truck Body Weight

 2-Point Latching System: The Kargo King system is neither a hook nor a cable hoist. Instead, the Kargo King has its own unique 2-Point Latching System to interchange truck bodies safely and efficiently. The 2-Point Latch is a highly secure latching mechanism with a 75 KSI high tensile chrome plated latch that provides greater distribution of load

 Evenly Distributed Weight : The Kargo King does not use a rail system to interchange bodies where the weight is concentrated over approximately 34’’ of truck rail. Instead, the Kargo King uses a roller system across the rear that distributes the weight of the truck body across the width of the truck (approx. 102’’)

Mechanical Locks : Kargo King uses four mechanical locks, inversely positioned to in order to accomplish the feat of uniformly distributing the load across the width of the truck and industry-best center of gravity.

Application Variety : an interchangeable truck body system with a uniformly distributed load and low center of gravity means greater application variety as illustrated by the Van Body. The Kargo King with a Van Body has the appearance of a permanently mounted van body due to its low C.O.G. but with the benefit of interchangeability.

Truck Body Manufacturing Capability

The Kargo King Detachable System is only half of the truck equipment equation – the other half is finding a suitable truck body for the job. Conveniently for Kargo King DS customers, Voth Truck Body Manufacturing is a member of the same family of companies as the Kargo King. Voth Truck Body is best known for its line of permanent mount dump, chipper and flat deck bodies. Voth’s manufacturing capabilities were critical to the successful development of the Kargo King DS family of detachable truck bodies; each body built with the same level of dedication to quality and detail as Voth permanent mount bodies.



Every second counts so instead of relying on electric power that limits loading speed, the Kargo King DS relies on a PTO driven hydraulic circuit to optimize loading speed with consideration for operator safety. The Kargo King DS allows the operator to on or offload the deck in 60 seconds with the added benefit of feathering control.


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