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Tree Service

Tree Service companies and Arborists encounter a variety of daily tasks often with use of two trucks. In the morning, the job may dictate a wood chipping run or Stumper delivery and in the afternoon the call might be for firewood delivery. The Kargo King DS presents these hard working contractors with the ability to perform all of these tasks with one truck! In this vocation, there is a strong need to work at ground level. The Kargo King Detachable Body can be lowered to ground level and detached to be left onsite until the job is complete. Budgets can be maximized by consolidating two bodies into one when selecting an aluminum Removable Chipper Hood with any Dump Body, Landscape Body or Waste Bin. Kargo King DS equipped Arborist Trucks are usually deployed with an Chipper Body (or Removable Hood Combo) and commonly supplemented with an articulating crane and winch to create the ultimate work truck.

Detachable Bodies:

Chipper Body, Dump Body, Landscape Body, Waste Bin, Flat Deck & Removable Chipper Hood



Home > Industries> Tree service