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Seasonal work requires seasonal equipment. The Landscaper understands this dilemma better than most. In the summer, the Landscaper tools are commonly a Dump Body, Flat Deck or Waste Bin but in the winter the tool is mainly the Salt/Sand Spreader. There is always the option to slide a V-Hopper Salt/Sand Spreader into a Dump Body but this also means exposing the Dump Body to the winter elements, more specifically – corrosive salt! The added bonus of a Detachable Salt/Sand Spreader instead of a slide in V-Hopper is increased payload (= more salt!) per spread run. The benefit of mounting the Spreader on a Kargo King Accessory Deck instead of a conventional Dump Body. Landscapers will reduce the number of trucks and trailers in their fleet by opting for the right mix of Kargo King Detachable Bodies.
Detachable Bodies:

Dump Body (conventional), Landscape Body, Salt/Sand Spreader, Flat Deck, Accessory Deck, Equipment Deck



Home > Industries> Landscaping