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Building Supply

There may not be a better fit for the Kargo King Detachable System than the Building Supply (Lumber) market.

A typical Building Supply fleet consists of a truck equipped with a steel Flat Deck for common lumber and material delivery and a truck equipped with a Van Body for delivery of materials that need protection from the elements. By adopting the Kargo King Detachable concept, Yard/Fleet Managers eliminate the need for redundant trucks while increasing operational efficiency. Lumber Decks and Van Bodies are pre-loaded while the truck is out generating revenue for the business. Additionally, windows and doors are loaded at ground level thus eliminating the need for loading on potentially slippery ramps or decks permanently mounted at truck frame level. Building Supply Centres can supplement their mix of truck bodies with the addition of the Detachable Waste Bin if outsourcing has become cost prohibitive or a Salt/Sand Spreader for winter yard maintenance.

Detachable Bodies:

Lumber Deck, Van Body, Curtainsider, Waste Bin, Salt/Sand Spreader



Home > Industries> Building supply